Elijah List Conference Tomball Texas 2016 in review

elijah list conf tomball 2016

We just returned last night from the Fresh Wind and Fire Conference at Joan Hunter’s 4 Corners Conference Center in Tomball Texas where I had the honor to minister alongside some very anointed and amazing people and it was awesome!

Making the trip with me was Gordana and Matt this time. (Angie missed it  😦  )

Holy Spirit Led

The theme and flow of this conference was totally led of the Spirit.

Kelley Murrell started things off with a powerful Holy Spirit given Word about “The Awakening” and “The Awakener.” God doing miraculous thing in this day to completely change the world as we know it, even to those not looking or seeking! The Holy Spirit is awakening this world on a level never seen before! It really inspired and fueled faith.

Joan Hunter followed with another powerful Word about honoring the prophets. She explained how people can receive from God the very things they are asking for or block their own blessing by speaking against the prophets that are releasing the things of God in this earth right now. I believe this is also a very now Word because we need to know what has been blocking our breakthroughs and how we can deal with it. Honor is BIG!

Steve Shultz of the Elijah List Spoke on being real with God in your communication and prayer life and talking about contending and demanding and how it is biblical in our relationship with God. Anyone who has been waiting forever for breakthrough needs to hear this!

Melody Barker as well as being Joan Hunter’s daughter, she is an incredibly anointed and gifted speaker and writer with a powerful prophetic gift. I don’t say this lightly. Not only did she minister a powerful word about what to do as you are waiting for your miracle or answer to prayer, she also brought a strong spirit of JOY into the environment there. If you are looking for someone to minister at your church or conferences etc., I can’t recommend her highly enough. Melody’s book is entitled “While You are Waiting.”

Caleb Brundidge also ministered about using flags in prayer and worship and gave strong Biblical examples about “staking our territory” using flags. I would also like to add that he is incredibly joy filled! It is tangible!

Joshua Mills was an inspiration and delivered powerful messages as well.. As many of you know the presence of God on his life is powerfully visible! He took things to a new level with leading people to know and believe that God does the supernatural, including anything He wants to do. He said that we should not attempt to give God instruction on what we think He should do. He also took us into powerful testimonies of translations and transportations by faith from his own life and experiences! Awesome and inspiring!

David Herzog was ….. well… I don’t think my description will do him justice. He was powerful, authentic, funny, joyful, anointed, and brought a shift in the atmosphere. He makes the supernatural of God so normal and the Glory so normal (as does Joshua Mills) that everyone who desires the Lord can receive it. With testimonies and songs, prophetic words and words of knowledge, his time there was a n empowerment to all those who were there.

Michael Van Vlymen (me) Well…. I delivered an empowering message teaching on my favorite subject of how anyone can see in the spiritual realm and that as children of God we are supposed to! I do have one criticism for Michael (me) that he give more angel testimonies when he speaks and smile more! (I get a little serious because I am so passionate to help people learn to see.  🙂  )

All in All

It was an adventure… the whole process. Meeting new people and making new friends, drinking Miracles Happen Coffee and soaking in the environment. I am so happy that almost all my family got to be there and I am so thankful to Joan and Kelley for their kindness and hospitality of allowing us to be a part of this event! Also thank you all the people who blessed us and helped us during our time there.

Love you all!



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